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Dear Members and Friends of CEPS, 

We are pleased to share our financial report of 2019 with you, along with a condensed report of our activities up to the end of that year, which completes the fuller activity report we published here. 

Overall, CEPS can look back on a successful 2019. We adopted a strategic plan with clear objectives to pursue in the next three years, namely a continuously diverse and balanced funding model; state of the art research, focusing on developing our skills to confront ever more complex policy challenges; enhanced communication and outreach; and increased horizontal cooperation within the organisation. 

We also participated in a number of tenders for the EU and national institutions, covering areas such as the EU neighbourhood, macro-economic and financial markets, social, energy and environment policies. 

Our policy insights are still much appreciated by our members, stakeholders and a variety of foundations and private organisations, which is always good to hear. We aim to remain innovative, and to help you make sense of the fast-moving policy scene. 

Finally, we are happy to welcome two newcomers to the Board: Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Caio Koch-Weser – who need no introduction from us. We are delighted to be able to count on their insights and experience to guide us in our work.